Homeo-Mederb Improved Herbal products 2016.


Herbs and Spices had been used for Medicinal and Culinary cooking for Centuries.





In the medieval times there were no Pharmaceutical companies or Doctors to cure patients suffering from chronic diseases.                                                                                                                                          It was the Medicine man that had the remedy to                                                              cure ailments.                                                                                                                     This herbal remedy was passed down from                                                                      one Generation to another.  



                                                                                                                                                   In the modern times Scientist have fractional Isolate (seperate certain properties) from Herbs and Spices to create targeted                                                                       

medicines to combat diseases.    



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Homeo-mederb use of Herbs and spices come from three Generations of Medicinal healers (Herbalism).

The name Homeo derived from Homeopathic & Mederb as Medicinal Herb.

The knowledge had been Tran sanded from one Generation to another.

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The formula had been perfected to suite the Modern Generation food which contains excessive toxic from artificial flavors, preservatives, Condiments, ketchup, (various Sauces) and sugar.


Today the number one disease is Diabetes.  

Other diseases are Blood pressure, high Cholesterol, imbalanced hormones, thyroid, ED, stress and so on.

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Homeo-Mederb Herb farms in Adaptive Countries.










Namely! North & South America, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka, Australia and small farms in other climatic Countries.


Some of the herbs are adaptable to certain Countries or native of origin.







These Herbs and Spices cultivated by Homeo-Mederb contain Phytochemicals (Natural chemicals).

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Homeo-Mederb has perfected a cure for Diabetes. Read below.


Before the 1960s pure herbs                                                                                  

and spices were given to                                                                                        patients for various ailments.                                                                                     Only in the midst 60s did                                                                                             Pharmaceutical Companies                                                                                   started producing chemical                                                                                       medication. 

This became a "Billion Dollar"                                                                           business and medication to                                                                                       be taken on a daily basis.   



It was cheaper to produce with high Profits


There are many side effects like profuse sweating, dizziness, blur vision, pain in the joints, uneasy feeling, depression, stomach cramps, kidney failure due to the calcium build up from the medication.


With pure herbal treatment the disease is reversible (cured permanently).    The herbs will slowly balance the body hormones, bring down the swelling pancreas and stimulate to actually grow new islets (natural insulin) to reduce glucose levels in the blood.


Diabetes is not a disease as the body lacks natural Vitamin B6 and Taurine which stimulates natural needed insulin after each meal.


These herbs are rich in Vitamin B6,Taurine and Zink need to produce sufficient amount of insulin.


There are no side effects from consuming these herbs and the treatment will take between 3 to 5 months depending on the duration of the disease.


Other permanent cure are for High Blood pressure, lower cholesterol, clean blocked Kidneys, reduce prostrate swelling, cure impotency, clear various lung infections, strengthen heart muscles and improve blood circulation.                                                                                                                                                                                             













The remedy is to work fast on the patient and not a permanent cure for the disease.      Cheap to produce in volume and high profits.



Imbalanced Hormones

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Slow Daylight Dryer.

    4. The herbs are mixed in appropriate 

         proportion, hygienically packed, 

         vacuumed sealed and sent to over

         6,000 herbal outlets around the World.

    5. Today! Homeo-Mederb is one of the

         biggest cultivators of Herbs and Spices 

         with over a thousand employees in

         many Countries.


    6.  50% cost subsidized by "Go Herbal"  

         and  “We Care” Organization.


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               Tiger Network is affiliated with Homeo-Mederb and is the Malaysian

               distributor for the Herbal products.

The products are displayed at :-

No.16B, Tkt 2, Psrn Medan Mutiara 3, Medan Mutiara, 33000 K. Kangsar, Perak West Malaysia.

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Consuming Homeo-Mederb  herbs are like eating Fruits and Vegetables.


It contains all the Natural Phytochemicals with No preservativies.


There are no chemicals added to these herbs.


No side effects or overdose.


We have resellers in many Countries.

They too believe in Herbal cure.

Go Herbal for Healthy living!

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Testimonials from people completely cured from Diabetes.

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I am Anne and my husband is Raj from Penang. Both of us are diagnosed with diabetes. We had attended a talk by a Physician whom recommended Homeo-Mederb Diabetes cure herbal product with Detox Liver. On the first week my sugar level had gone down. For my Husband it took him 10 days to see results. Now I am on my third month and cured from Diabetes. Thank you Homeo-Mederb.

I am Suresh From Kuala Lumpur (Puchong). I had been suffering from Diabetes for 7 years. My fasting reading was 18 to 22. Was told to go for insulin. Recently I was introduced to Homeo-Mederb Cassia to cure diabetes and Detox Liver. In just a week my sugar reading dipped to 12. Then went lower and my eyesight improved. Now on my third month taking this herbs. I had stopped my medication for good.

My name is Kwan Lai Yin from Ipoh. Got diabetes for 22 years. My eye one very hard to see and always sweating. My reading very high with medicine. Recently amputated my toe about one year ago. My friend ask me eat Homeo-Mederb product. Now my diabetic slowly going down already. Also taking Detox Liver and first day many toxic come out. Now only one month eating product. No more taking hospital medicine.

Saya Pn Katijah asal dari Kuala Lumpur. Saya mempunyai kencing manis selama 10 tahun. Ambil ubat dan mengawal pemakanan. Tidak boleh makan makanan yang saya suka. Kawan saya perkenalkan saya kepada Homeo-Mederb Cassia herba. Sekarang pada bulan kedua saya. Sangat baik dan kencing manis saya adalah jauh lebih rendah sekarang. Sudah berhenti makan ubat kimia.

I am Amelia Teh from Taiping a school teacher. I had Diabetes for over 23 years. My medication had caused my kidneys to get blocked. I was introduced to Homeo-Mederb through the Facebook. I purchased Cassia for my Diabetes and another Herb to clean my kidneys. Now on my third month and my diabetes is almost normal. Recently I did the ultrasound and my kidneys are cleared. God bless Homeo-Mederb.

My name is Miss Wang Mei Ching from Teluk Intan. I saw advert in Facebook. Then purchase one bottle and Detox Liver first. My toilet very bad smell. In 8 days my reading drop to 7. Then my eyes very clear and neck better. I can feel my feet. No more numbness. I recommend to all Diabetic patients to take.

I am Bernett from Ipoh. Had been suffering from High Blood pressure, Cholesterol and Diabetes for almost 6 years. Sometimes unable to work and rest at home. Had been admitted to hospital twice and still pressure and sugar in high level. After consuming Diapress for just 3 months my sugar level came down and pressure below 120/77. Now I take twice a week to keep away from chemical medication. I had also Detoxed my liver and take every 2 months to keep my hormones balanced.

Saya Zulkafli dari Melaka. Saya seorang pesakit kencing manis dan selalu masuk hospital. Ambil ubat begitu banyak dan mulut saya sangat pahit. Saya hampir buta dalam kedua-dua mata dan menghidap penyakit lain. Mula mengambil Homeo Diabetes herba penawar dan Detox hati. Sekarang bulan kedua dan lebih baik penglihatan dan bacaan gula lebih rendah. Masih mengambil herba. Tak ambil ubat hospital.

My name is Faruk Sait from Selangor Malaysia. I had been suffering from Diabetes for the last 26 years. One of my eye is blind and two of my toes amputated. I was introduced to Homeo-Mederb Diabetes cure herbal product together with Detox Liver. In just 10 days my sugar level came down to 18 and then gradually dropped to 10. Now I am on my second month and my feet are having feeling and my eyesight has improved. I really have good faith in tis product.

My name is Shalini from Singapore. I was introduced to Homeo-Mederb Cassia diabetes with Detox Liver pure herbal product by my friend in JB. On the first day my fasces was totally black and smelly. I was told that the Detox Liver is removing toxic. This is my second month and my diabetes sugar level is between 5 to 7. Stopped medication for good. I eat what I had stopped and enjoy my cravings. I recommend to all.

My name is Reta Jones from Chicago USA. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and dependent on insulin on a daily basis. Recently I purchased Homeo-Mederb Cassia and tried the herb. About 10 days later I was amazed by the herbs as my sugar reading was much lower than I expected. Now I am promoting Homeo-Mederb products in Chicago.

My name is Pritti Patel from the UK. Been a diabetic patient for 16 years. I was introduced to Homeo-Mederb Cassia by my Physician. Was also told to Detox my liver for fast results. It is am amazing herb that I would recommend to all Diabetic suffers like me. Now my pancreas is producing insulin again. Really marvelous and thank you Homeo-Mederb. I will spread the word around.

My name is Ashok Kumar now based in Essex London as a civil engineer. Due to my working on sites sometimes causes me to blackout from Diabetes and High BP. This also effects my work and was looking for any solution. Till my friend recommended Homeo-Mederb Cassia. Tried with not much faith but was amazed as not only my sugar was lowered my pressure also came down. Now I am not taking the medication which gave me so much side effects. Go Herbal and get cured.

My name is Dr. Peter Gough from Norwood in UK. I am a dabetic patient myself. I purchased Homeo-Mederb Cassia to try for myself. To my amaze, my sugar level has dipped within 8 days of taking this herb. Now I am recommending this herbal cure product to my patients. It really cures Diabetes, improves vision, removes the black marks on the feet and numbness. I had stopped taking these harmful medication for good. The detox Liver is also an amazing herb and results in just a day.

I am Shamila Jai from Kerala India. I am a lecturer in a Medical College. Was diagnosed with High BP and diabetes about 2 years ago. The medication made me sick and changed the prescription but the side effects were still there. Sometimes I had good days and some days really awful. I started taking Homeo-Mederb Cassia and this herb really dropped my sugar level within two weeks. Now my side effects are gone and I had permanently stopped all my medication. I recommend to all to take this herb.

My name is Rosario Gomez from Utah America. I work as a nurse in a private clinic. Been a diabetic since the age of 12. My whole family are diabetic. I was recommended to Homeo-Mederb cassia by a visiting Doctor to the clinic. Tried the herbs and had shown tremendous effect. The Detox was very effective as well. It has lowered my sugar level and had stopped taking the clinical medication. It also improved my eyesight as well.

My name is Dawson working in UK and suffering from Diabetes. Introduced by my Locum in UK to try this herbal product from Homeo-Mederb to cure my Diabetes. Was also asked to Detox my liver to balance the Hormones. Now my diabetes is under control. Good product.

My name is Balarina Amarez from Dallas Texas. Been a diabetic for a very long time. One of my eyes is blind from the sickness. I thought that I will die from this disease. Was introduced by my regular doctor. It really and serously brought my diabetes under control. Homeo-Mederb really rocks.

I am Susan Row from Hampshire. Was recommended this product by my Doctor. Now my diabetes has been cured by just consuming for 4 months. The Detox Liver is also an amazing product and now I can feel the difference. Great product from Homeo-Mederb.

I am Boris Johnson from London. Been a diabetic for 19 years and was on daily medication and insulin. Till I came across this Herbal product from Homeo-Mederb know as cassia. Reluctantly tried this product and to my amaze really dropped my sugar level drastically. Even my Physician was pretty amazed. Now He is recommending to his patients. Great product.

My name is Rowan Plod from London. Had been on diabetic medicaton for 15 years. So much of side effects from the medication. Tried the Herbal product from Homeo-Mederb with Detox Liver. It has taken me by surprise that my sugar level has dropped. Now I am only taking the herbs and do not have any side effects. Thank you Homeo-Mederb for this miracle herbal product.

I am Lidia Tate from UK London. I had been diagnosed with diabetes since my childhood days. Had been on medication and insulin ever since. Had one kidney fail due to the calcium build up from prolong medication. I was recently introduced to Homeo-Mederb Cassia to cure my diabetes. It took me 19 days to see the drastic drop in my sugar level. Now after taking for 4 months had stopped my insulin and medication for good. Great herbal product if only I knew about it much earlier.


Our latest Breakthrough to Generate New Beta insulin Cells to cure Diabetes.


Homeo-Mederb has been doing research on many species of plants found in the Amazon Jungle.

Some rare plants found in the Amazon have various Phythochemicals that can cure ailments.
One breakthrough in the year 2017 was the rare Bauhinia tree leaves. It has the phythochemicals to actually produce new beta insulin cells and kill parasites in the pancreas.

Samples were sent to Botanists

Scientist on May 2017 to confirm

the findings.

Rare Amazon Bauhinia Tree

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Our body Hormones are well balanced and work like a tuned Piano.

The new Generation food & drinks that we consume passes through our liver to remove toxic and other waste materials.


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With so much toxic in the food the liver is over-worked and some of the toxic slips into the blood stream.

The toxic in the blood causes the body hormones to be imbalanced which sends wrong signals to the Vital Organs like the pancreas to shut down and sugar builds in the blood to provoke Diabetes.

Imbalanced Hormones may cause Thyroid, lower metabolic rate (gain weight), build up Uric Acid (Gout), build up platelet (cholesterol), also cause of High blood pressure, stroke, Heart attack, stress syndrom, erectile disfunction, pain in the joints, skin diseases and other complicated problems.

By detoxing the liver with an appropriate mixture of Echinacea & Curcumin the traditional Herbs used by Homeopathic Healers for Centuries to keep the body Hormones balanced.    

A study was conducted by a team of herbal research group in 2016 from America on Malaysian cuisine and beverages.                                                                   

The results showed that almost all varieties of Malaysian foods & Beverages contain high sugar and Toxic.


Detox Liver to Balance Body Hormones

It was advised to detox the liver every 60 days to keep the hormones balanced and avoid complications to the vital Body Organs.

Why choose Homeo-Mederb Pure Herbal Products?

1. On going research to improve & cure the Modern Generation diseases.


2. The only Herbal Growing company using a                                                            

     unique day light dryer to remove moisture                                                              

     for longer storage and retaining all the                                                

     Phytochemicals (Natural chemicals).




      Using ultraviolet lights to kill bacteria and 

      air blown by fan to dehydrate the herbs. 


  3. Cleaner than drying in the sun which  

       attracts, flies and other insects.


Homeo-Mederb pure Herbal cure for Targeted diseases.

Hygienically vacuum packed and exported

Change your life style and go herbal for Healthy living.

Stop chemical medication for good.

Prolong medication only increases dosage which is harmful to the human body!

Has many side effects!

Go Herbal!

No side effects!


The articles were published in the medical journal with positive results and no toxic present.

Diabetic mice were given extracts in drinking water.

After 7 days were dissected and found to generate new tiny beta insulin cells.

Another batch was dissected after 30 days and found the beta cells enlarged.

With this findings 172 Type 1 & 2 human test subjects were given (capsule form) to take for 30 days.


They were from 12 to 63 years of age.

Every 3 days tested and found some subjects the glucose level descending fast.

After 30 days had an ultrasound test to find the swelling of the pancreas reduced.


The treatment was extended for 60 more days.

An ultrasound test was conducted after 30 days to find new tiny beta cells generating. This concludes that the Bauhinia plant can generate new beta insulin cells.


1. Chera S, Baronnier D, Ghila L, Cigliola V, Jensen JN, Gu G, Furuyama K, Thorel F,  

    Gribble FM, Reimann F, Herrera PL. Diabetes recovery by age-dependent new cell 

    growth of pancreatic δ-cells into insulin producers with Cassia and Bauhinia leaves.

    Nature. Aug 20 2017 (Online ahead of print).

2. Purwana I, Zheng J, Li X et al. GABA promotes human β-cell proliferation and modulates

    glucose homeostasis. Diabetes new Beta cells with Cassia and bauhinia plant . Sep 9

    2017 (Online ahead of print).

3. Soltani N, Qiu H, Aleksic M et al. GABA exerts protective and regenerative effects on islet

    beta cells and reverses diabetes with bauhinia leaves . Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2017;


A Millennium Breakthrough to Cure Diabetes. Read Below.

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Parasites living in the Pancreas