Expose Tourism, Hotel, Transport & Guide Services Worldwide In A Video.

Welcome to our Fourth & the most successful Service ever created by Homeo Mederb Inc.
Our service aimed at Countries that do not have Funding to Advertise their Tours to attract visitors.
These Countries have some of the Best Touring Locations in the World & we want to help expose it.

We created videos for Agents with No Sales & now getting between 30 to 50 sales per week.
It took us months to get the video perfected for all types of Tourism Businesses.
Now, at a budget cost created the 3 minute customized video from intro to bringing the Tour alive.

As a Bonus, Advertise your Video in our YouTube Travel Channel with over a Million views daily!

This video can be used for Multipurpose and also as Calling Card.

Video created by a high cost DSLR Software with download speed in 20 seconds.

The original cost of creating a video is $150.00 & we are doing it for Only $30.00.

The Budget is limited to Only 300 clients from the Tourism Industry.

This project was personally headed by our Marketing Director Mr. BR Nelson with over 30 years experienced in the tour Industry & coordinated by Mr. Benjamin Bernett our Web analyzing Specialist.

Read more about ‘how we discovered the benefits from creating a HD video in the landing page of our Agents website that sparked this to a new era of Advertising.

Homeo Mederb Inc had been recognized & Awarded by “Victorian Gold Tourism Award” in 2015.
Also Awarded by ITAP (International Tourism Association) for "Outstanding Professional Services" in the Tourism Industry concurrently in 2016, 2017 & 2018.

Since 2015 we had been "Matching Tours & Travel Agencies" with Blogs sites related to their niche with additional unique features.
We manually added links and Comments associated with their special offers.

Then we expanded into Social Media’s and linked our Client with Customers.
Both of these Services generated more Views and increased their Profits.

Our second launch in 2017 was the CRM software linking Social Media’s platform.
This was a tremendous hit & completely sold out our space in less than 30 days.
This Software just like face recognition uses words keyed into the system to match words found in all "Social Medias" platform.
The Software tracks the words matched to the profile page of the person that matched our Tour Operator’s key words.
The system automatically linked Tour Operator’s website as an invitation to their inbox.

Our third launch was linking Agents to our Database.
Since the previous system consumed more space, we upgraded our CRM system into a "Tour Search Software" linking hundreds of Agents into our Database.
This system was linked to an Advertisement Page we designed for our Tour Operators.
Our Agents send e-forms to customers based on types of Tour & location from Expedition, Easy Travel, Adventurous and other Themes.
The Customer selects the type of Tour & location then directed to the page that we created the Advertisement for our Operators.
When the customer clicks on the "tour info" or picture was directed to the "Tour Operator’s Website" for viewing tours, price & Booking.
Each time a customer clicked on our link was recorded and we charged a fee when they booked with the Tour Operator.

To apply for this service, the Operator must have a Valid website and purchase a 'Blank Web Page' to link customers to their Own Website.
The total cost to create an Advertisement and link to the tour operator’s website with SEO, anti-hacking Software & Web Designing amounted to USD140.00

This is still an ongoing service provided by Homeo Mederb Inc.
To view the page, click 'LINK TOURS'

Due to the high cost to create this service, we had many request to lower the fee.
It is the best & lowest package offer we had among our "Web Hosting Providers".

This instigated us to look for an alternate & affordable way for Agents to find Customers.

For the last couple of months, we had been doing a lot of research on some of our Tour operator’s websites with their permission.
We changed numerous pictures, thumbnails, slideshows, fonts, colors and even page display.
We added an invisible counter to record the number of views they get a day after each alteration.

While experimenting, discovered that a HD video clip made more views than a slideshow.
We directed some of our customers in our database that matched our operator’s tour package with 100% booking success.

Then we did another test by setting the time each client clicked to viewed the page before Booking and found the website with a video took less than 5 minutes to book a tour.
The more interesting the video, the more customers made booking in less than 4 minutes.
With these findings we created Videos for Operators, Agents and even Tour Guides without a Website.
They used the High Definition Video just like a visiting card and some had immediate response from strangers & customers.

The more we improved the video, the more response they got.
This revolutionized the conventional way of advertising to a new level.
Now, creating customized videos for both Operators with & without website to advertise their Tour Packages.
We are the only one currently, providing this video (at budget price) to improve their income.
This service made affordable to Tour Agencies that were unable to afford our Third Service “Tour Search & link system” with our Agents.

No requirements.
We had checked with the Tour guidelines & enactment laws under the Multi Media act for restrictions.
We found that there were no restrictions for any type of Agency advertising tours in a video.

Benefits from the video.
1. Exposure (whole world).
2. An introduction of your Tour Business.
3. Story telling in a video for your Best Tour Package.
4. Only your contact details advertised.
5. Complete package information in less than 3 minutes.
6. Flexible media (Advertise in any multi Media’s platform)
7. Send as your e-visiting card to customers & strangers.
8. * Get lifetime Royalty for your video in YouTube.
9. Free (twice) minor amendments of video within 36
hours of delivery.
10. Custom design with your clips (Free Copyrights TM).

Why are we doing this for you?
Because of you, we had grown and recognized in this Industry.
We wish to continuously be a part of your success story.
Now, time to give you another successful tool to help grow in this Industry.
Our aim is to help new & upcoming hard working Tour Agencies succeed.
Put you on the worldwide map to expose your Business.
Utilize our knowledge and experiences to guide you on the right direction.
Once you had made sufficient income from this video, then you can create your own website through us and sign up for our “Tour Linking service”.

Free exposure complementary service for you.

1. Bonus No.1

Give you Leeds of Companies seeking Tour Vacations for Staff's.


2. Bonus No.2

Your Video will be Advertised by "Travel Media Corp" in about 7,000 Hotels Worldwide.

They will do a FREE promo for 5 Days & if you are satisfied, then continue & Subscribe.


3. *Best Bonus No.3
Upload your Video in our YouTube Travel Channel with over a Million viewers daily.

Let the Video work for you to expose your Tour & Services Nonstop 24 Hours a Day.


How does it work?

By just uploading your video in YouTube will not get you views.

We will teach you a simple step by step system to get Targeted Travel Customers to view your video.

Took us a year to Master this system & now used by Tour Agents and Operators worldwide.

Using our system, you can easily get 5,000 Travel Enthusiasts viewers in just 3 to 5 days.

No advertising is needed when using our system.


When your viewers start growing in a fast pace, YouTube High Tech System will select your video & send to Thousands of Worldwide Travel viewers daily as the Top viewing video.

If you apply our system daily for 30 days, your video will sky rocket to over a 100,000 Travel viewers.

This will work out to daily inquiries, Sales & Bookings for your Tours.

Our system has been tested over & over again with tremendous success.

By far, this is the best system ever designed & created by H.M Inc.


You have an Option.

You can Monetize (get paid by YouTube) for your video with an unstoppable 30 sec advertisement.

This is an Option & you can earn a monthly royalty for Life.

Which includes:-
1. A full video with Introduction & contact details.
2. Publicize your best tour package.
3. Duration of video in 3 minutes.
4. Register with Copy rights Act (for Free)

To create video, please make payment then watch video below on what we require from you.
We will create, test, (until satisfied) add background music & complete video in 12 hours for your viewing.
If satisfied, then you can start sending to all Media’s, customers & strangers.
Complete video will be made in our Thailand Office at this Budget price.
Due to currency exchange loss, we bill you in Thai Bhat which is roughly about USD30.00

Click "Buy Now" button to pay THB1,000.00 (USD30.00) & fast reply, whatsapp +(66) 6211 45 712

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Watch the Video.

Give us your feedback.

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We are here to help you build your Brand in this Industry.
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What We Require To Create An Exclusive Video For Your Tours?

Remember! You are Advertising your Country & the Wonders it offers.

Our main aim is to promote your Country & Tour packages.

We have made it easy for you to send us pictures and information to create the video.

Please reply with information & clear pictures of your tour locations.

We have included a video below to follow  our illustrations.

1.   Your Company Name or Tour name.

2.   Company Logo (if you have)?

3.   Your Country name.

4.   Your operating location & distance to the nearest City or Town.

5.   What is the Climate, population & Spoken Languages in your Country?

6.   What is your expertise? For example trekking, site seeing, etc.

7.   What is your best tour package?

8.   How many days?

9.   Send 15 clear pictures of your tour by whatsapp.

10. Each picture with location & information also by Whatsapp.

11. We will also follow up with you before preparing your video.

12. Contact Name, contact number, Whatsapp, facebook or website.

We need your help to give us clear pictures & information of your tour.

You know your tour business better than us.

The sooner you send, the faster we can create & expose your video to Millions of viewers in 12 hours time just for you.

Please email us a back up to bbernett1@gmail.com

Contact Person: Mr. Benjamin Bernett Call / Whatsapp +(66) 6211 45712

Thailand Office: 289/11 Soi Samranpattana 3 Amphoe Mueang Udon Thani 41000 Thailand.

Whatsapp/Phone: +(66) 621145 712

Email: bbernett1@gmail.com
Network Office: 221 18th Ave S Seattle, WA 98144 USA.
Email: mktdiv@homeo-mederb.net

Watch this video to prepare the required documents, pictures & information accordingly!

Or pay by Western Union for Only THB 950.00 & SAVE THB 50.00.
Make payment to Mrs. Thippa Rojanakul (Thailand). View Pic Below:-
Provide your Name, Country & Western Union code number.
Your video will bypass the waiting queue to be processed immediately.

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