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Contact Person:   Mr. BR. Nelson

Seattle Network Partner: Ms Rojna Thippa

Phone: +6693 7641 095


Skype: bbernett1

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Get Exposed to Social Medias Platform & Build Your Brand.

New 2018* Link a Space for Only USD140.00 a Month on Our Site.
Advertise your Tour, Travel or Booking Online Services.
We will set your Company Characteristics into our system.
Before linking a space, provide us your company information.
Just linkng a Space will not Bring you Customers.

When you link, we also help you reach “Targeted Clients” for your Business.

Since 2015 we had been "Matching Tours & Travel" with Blog sites related to their niche with additional unique features.
We manually added links and Comments associated with their special offers.
Then we expanded into Social Medias and linked our Client with Customers.
Both of these Services generated more Views and increased their Profits.

To move forward from this Conventional method of “Securing Leeds”, we had ventured into a Higher Technology Platform.
We had partnered with a few Pioneer Software Engineers from prominent & well-known Companies.
For now, their Identities are concealed and will be revealed in Due Time.
In Combination had Modified & Created a Sophisticated Software using CRM digital analytics Platform.

This Software just like face recognition uses words keyed into the system to match words found in all "Social Medias" platform and other sites.
The Software tracks the words matched to the profile page of the person and we collect the data to send invitations to their inbox or other links.
In Conclusion, we get Leeds from Social Medias Platform, Google, Yahoo, Bing & Ask search sites.

Since October 2017 we had been testing this Software and the end results was about 95% accuracy.
Although there were some technical errors, was rectified by the Engineers.

How do you benefit from this software?
This software can match words using “Meta tags”, key words & characteristics with all Social Medias Platform and Search Engine Sites.
It will send Leeds from Profile pages, Comments, group posting, advertisements from Social Medias, Blog sites and search engine websites to our Data Base (watch full video below).

We import and filter the audience then send them your URL/web link as an invitation with your additional features from matched results.
Your audience will respond or Contact you and we do this every day.
Your Site will be exposed to Thousands of Customers on a daily basis.

For now, we are the only company providing this service worldwide.
These exposures will grow your Business & build your Brand through Social Medias.

Our Monthly fees for the full service inclusive of linking is USD140.00

To build your confidence in our System, we give you a free trial for (30 days) and you only need to pay for linking invitations @ USD40.00.
Our Software will monitor every invitation sent to your URL/Site space daily.
We will send weekly reports to you and update your site with SEO (search engine optimization).
Optimize you in Google, Yahoo, Ask & Bing search engines.

We want you to witness firsthand growth of your targeted audience and attain your trust in our Organization.
When you are satisfied (that we know you will be) then with your own will continue with the full package.

We are confident that you will appreciate our service for your Company to build your Brand even further.
Since our launch we had been getting good comments from our clients which are encouraging to our team.

The Benefits you get:
- We design your invitation card.
- Update your site (option) with SEO Search Engines.
- Link directly to your URL/site space for click & invitations.
- Drive more Customers to your site by linking Social Media Platforms.
- We will filter & send invites to audience looking for your Specifics.
- Publish your advertisement on all Social Medias.
- Write reviewes on hundreds of Blogs and in Google sites.
- Publish Comments on Blogs and links related to your additional services.

You run your Business and we take care of the Social Media links.
Now! It only cost you $1.33 a day which is cheaper than a cup of Coffee.
Even after 30 Days free service, you only pay USD4.66 per day.
Plus, you get Thousands of targeted audiences daily.
Much, much more Cheaper than Advertising with Google or Youtube.
We are also doing the same by matching the Audience with your Business.
The difference; Our fee fixed and no worry about Monthly Billings!
Leave the linking to us and we will Grow your audience.
Try us out for 30 days and experience the traffic sent to your site.
When you are satisfied then continue to Grow with us.
There are no fixed agreements, just sign up and use our service.
You get weekly reports on number of audience linked to your URL/website.
We have the experience of linking Client to Customers since 2015.



Additional Benefits Before You Sign Up With Us.
1. Fill up the form (below) to create (5) Characteristics which makes you stand out from your competitors in this Industry.

2. Write a simple slogan or Motto and let us view or alter it to imprint your Company’s Name in this Industry.

3. Check your website ratings at current moment before we increase with SEO (if you have a website).

Let us be a part of your team to help Build your status in this industry.
Put your rank between 1 - 5 in Google & other search engines within 30 days and be found instantly.

Get more likes and comments from targeted audiences on “Social Medias”.
These amenities are complimentary (free service) for you to gain our trust in “Building your Brand”.
There are new companies opening almost every week, so be at the top of the competition.
Looking forward to work with you and achieve your goal in this Industry.


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Fill in the (5) outstanding Characteristics of your Business with a slogan or Motto and we will help you edit or use it to invite matched audiences.

Marketing Office: 289/11 Soi Samranpattana 3 Amphoe Mueang Udon Thani 41000 Thailand.
Network Office: 221 18th Ave S Seattle, WA 98144 USA.


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