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Welcome to another Service provided by Homeo Mederb Inc.

This service is for Small, Medium, Home Based, Freelance, Individual Tour Agencies and Tour Guides with at least 3 years experienced.
Mr. BR Nelson our "Marketing Director" has over 30 years' experience in the Tour Guide Industry.

He has built Annual revenues between USD300,000 to USD500,000 for Individual Agencies Worldwide.

Recognized & Awarded by ITAP (International Tourism Association) for "Outstanding Professional Services"  for Tour Agencies in 2016, 2017 & 2018.

We understand the needs to expose your existence in "Social Medias" and other relevant sites.
The company has been doing match makes with Agencies to popular Tour & Travel Blogs and Social Medias platform since 2015.
By doing this, had partnered with Thousands of Travel Blog Owners worldwide and had written reviews for Clients from this Industry.

To stay ahead of the game, we must work together as partners.

This Business is Growing and has evolved into Fun & Thrilling Expeditions.

Our Major income is from Popular Blog Owners that refer their Clients to us.

They have thousands of subscribers and promote Tours by email.


We work closely with Google writing reviews in their Tour & Travel Guides.

This is our second revenue and publicize Tours provided by our Partners.


Publish best Tour reviews of our Partners in Travel Magazines.

Create a web page to adertise your Tour Packages at resonable prices.

We had webbed linked Hundreds of Agents to our "Tour Search Sofware" based on expedition, easy travel, adventurous and other themes.

Customer pick a vacation plan then directed to your page to view & booking.

Send brochures for Corporate Tour packages to Large Companies Worldwide.

Plus free Digital advertisements in all Social Medias and link to the website.

We absorb all these expenses for 10% share from the cost of your Tour.


Benefits you get: Free adverts, hundreds of reviews in Google & Travel Blogs.

The more unique, Adventurous & Memorable Tours, we Guarantee you an Annual turnover above $500,000.00

Think of us as your Business partner in the Company working together.

Watch the video below to learn more about our Tour Match CRM Software.


Conditions to be accepted into our Agency.


1.* Must have an Office or premises of Operation.

2.* Must be the Owner of the Tour Agency.

3.* Minimum 3 years experienced in this Industry.

4.* Own Transport or relaible outsourced transport Agency.

5. Registration or other supporting documents plus pictures of tours & Owner/s.

If you can fulfill our requirements, then proceed to fill the form below.


Level 2.
Note* Exclusivity to 1 dedicated agent per Country & maintain Price.

If you qualify with our conditions, then proceed to read further.


Level 3.     How Do you pay our share?

We provide your Agency a web page to advertise your Tour Packages.

Customer pay us the Booking Fee according to your requested amount.

We deduct our 10% share and balance sent to you in 24 hours.

The remaining amount transfered to you before their Travelling Date.


We pay 8% to our Agents higher than any of our competitors in our Industry.

That is why we have hundreds of Agents web linked with us.

Balance 2% for office upkeep, wages & publishing articles in Magazines.

*Fill the form below and be our exclusive "Business Partnership Venture".

Let us Collaborate as partners to work and Grow together in this Industry.

Your Share to design your web page by our freelance designer @$50.00.

Our Share a blank page, Basic SEO with anti-hacker protection @$90.00.

With both our investments, we can setup and launch your page in 48 Hours.


Once payment confirmed, we send an easy format to prepare your details.

Our IT staff will start linking our software the moment we open your page.

We rebate $50.00 to you upon completing the first tour through us.

We want to know if you can run the tour successfully.

Only then, we will enter a legal agreement for exclusivity with you.

The faster you send your tour details the quicker we both start earning.

Click the "Buy Now" button to make your investment in us.

Meet Our Professional Team Players Behind The Scene.

gallery/ms rojna thippa

Ms Rojna Thippa (Network Director)

      16 years in the IT Industry.

gallery/mr. boris benton

Mr. Boris Benton (Marketing Manager)

    19 years in the Tourism Industry.

gallery/kanjana prampit
gallery/ms susan tate
gallery/benjamin bernett
gallery/miss holden

          Miss Kanjana Prampit

  (Graphic design & Advertising        

      12 years in this Industry.

             Ms Susan Tate

       (Blog & Review writer)

      10 years in this Industry

       Mr. Benjamin Bernett

      (Interview Tour Agents)

    11 years in Administration.

             Miss Holden

         (Comment writer)

       8 years experience  

           writing articles.

Fill in the Form with all the required particulars for us to confirm your spot.
Let us view your particulars, a recent passport size photo & Tour sites.
This is to comply with the International Tour Broker Enactment Laws.
Upon approval to be in our Panel, then proceed to pay the web designer's fee.

*Company Name  
*Person In charge  
*Whatsapp No.  
*Agency Location  
*Country of Operation  
*Type of Tour  
How did you find us?  
Brief details.  
Download pictures  

Marketing Office: 289/11 Soi Samranpattana 3 Amphoe Mueang Udon Thani 41000 Thailand.
Network Office: 221 18th Ave S Seattle, WA 98144 USA.
Whatsapp/Phone: +(66) 621145 712

Advertise your Travel & Tour Business / Name and Contact number here for free.


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